Top 20 Unique Benefits of Dominica Citizenship By Investment

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Dominica is a Caribbean island country between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about one-half of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago.

It is often known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to its spectacular, lush, and varied flora and fauna, which are protected by an extensive natural park system.

Dominica’s great natural beauty, especially its spectacular mountainous topography, has impressed generations of nature lovers.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program enables an applicant to gain full, legal citizenship for themselves and their family, through making an economic contribution to the country. Your second citizenship may not be revoked, regardless of changes of governmental policy and is passed down to future generations.

20 Unique Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Write us in comment section which benefits you like most and if we have forget or skip any important benefits of Dominica citizenship. We will give you credit while adding in our list.

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  1. Dominica is fastest countries in the world to get a second citizenship
  2. Dominica is tax-free : Dominica is only tax-free if you don’t live there
  3. Dominica has oldest citizenship by investment (CBI) programs after St Kitts and Nevis.
  4. No physical residency requirements.
  5. Visa-free travel to over 125 countries, including Europe’s Schengen zone, the U.K., Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.
  6. No nationality restrictions
  7. Dominica has population around 69, 625 people only
  8. Dominica ranked 31st in Global Passport ranking (view ranking here)
  9. No interview, education or management experience require
  10. Dual Citizenship: No need to renounce your current citizenship(s) with no notification to your home country on your new citizenship
  11. You make your investment after your application is approved, not before
  12. Protected by the government citizenship law
  13. Dominican Republic is ranked 76th on the ranking of world’s safest countries.
  14. Dominica citizen can travel to USA under Visa Waiver Program for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.
  15. Citizenship in a British Commonwealth country
  16. Dominica country grants full citizenship to investors within 4 to 6 months.
  17. Minimum Investment USD $100,000 (Donation) and Real Estate USD $220,000
  18. The application process is confidential.
  19. There is No restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
  20.  Duty Free Trading in Caribbean
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